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SSH2-Handler is filesystem for accessing files remotely using the SFTP protocol. It is based on libssh2 1.8.0 and uses AmiSSLv4 for SSL encryption /decryption.

It is part of the Enhancer Software for OS4.


- newlib.library V53.40 or newer (or V53.30 as included in 4.1 FE).

- filesysbox.library 54.4 or newer.

- AmiSSLv4 (available under Packages tab in Updater tool)


Create a DOSDriver with the following contents:

Handler   = L:ssh2-handler
StackSize = 65536
Priority  = 5
GlobVec   = -1
Startup   = "'''<args>'''"

Where <args> should follow the template:


HOSTADDR is the IP address or domain name of the SSH server.

PORT is the port number (defaults to 22).

USER is the user name.

PASSWORD is the login password or key file passphrase depending on the authentication method used. If this argument is left out a password requester will be used instead.

VOLUME is the AmigaDOS volume name (defaults to <user>@<hostaddr>).

READONLY sets the filesystem to read only mode.

NOSSHAGENT stops filesystem from attempting to connect to ssh-agent.

KEYFILE can be used to change the key file used for public key authentication (defaults to "$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa" or "HOME:.ssh/id_rsa").

ROOTDIR sets the root directory to use as the root of the volume (defaults to "/").

To connect to a SFTP server with IP and port 122 using username "user123" use:

Startup = " PORT 122 user123"

If you want the handler to be started immediately on mount, rather than on the first access, then make sure that ACTIVATE=1 is set in either in the icon tooltypes or in the DOSDriver file itself.