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CANDI Icon.png Workbench CANDI introduces the world of composite desktop animation to the Amiga Workbench 4.1. Whether it's wispy clouds with a rotating Boing Ball or shimmering, silvery bubbles gently floating upwards and over an Amiga copper retro background or even circles and spheres wafting backwards and forwards in the breeze, the CANDI animation effects are simultaneously calming and impressive.

Workbench CANDI (Composite Animated Desktop Images) takes advantage of the hardware compositing engine built into the RadeonHD drivers and totally integrates with the Workbench background image. CANDI can be automatically started through WBstartup prefs or started manually once the Workbench has loaded. The CANDI animation can be turned On, Off or changed at the click of a mouse button and a Lite version is available for less powerful CPU’s or lower specification RadeonHD graphics cards.


  • Standard and lite CANDI versions

  • Totally integrated with the AmigaOS 4 Workbench

  • Fully supports AmigaOS 4 screen dragging

  • Compatible with the new hardware accelerated composite video playback feature introduced with RadeonHD v2.4


Minimum: AmigaOS4.1 update 6, RadeonHD 4xxx card, RadeonHD V1.2 drivers

Recommended: AmigaOS4.1 update 8, RadeonHD RadeonHD v2.4 drivers, a higher specification RadeonHD gfx card