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X-Dock About Window
X-Dock Prefs Window
X-Dock Prefs Window
X-Dock Prefs Window
X-Dock Prefs Window

X-Dock is a new dock application for the Amiga. It is part of the Enhancer Software package for AmigaOS.

Arexx Interface

X-Dock can handles the following ARexx commands on it's ARexx message port:


(where n = the instance number of the targeted X-Dock)

NAME return name of the program "X-Dock"

VERSION return version number "0.33 (10.04.2016)"

ABOUT open About window

SAVE save the currents X-Dock settings

UNDO undo last change

REDO redo last change

HIDE hide the X-Dock (only Dragbar is visible)

SHOW show the hiddent X-Dock

IDENTIFY identify the X-Dock by bringing it to front and by blinking twice his buttons

HORIZONTAL make the X-Dock horizontally oriented

VERTICAL make the X-Dock vertically oriented

ICONIFY iconify X-Dock

MOVE_WINDOW x y move X-Dock window to x,y coordinates

CLOSE close this X-Dock

QUIT quit all running X-Dock

HIDE_DRAGBAR hide the drag area if displayed

SHOW_DRAGBAR show the drag area if hidden

LOCK lock X-Dock

UNLOCK unlock X-Dock

HIDE_LABEL hide the labels below the buttons

SHOW_LABEL show the labels below the buttons

ACTIVATE activate the X-Dock window

TOFRONT bring X-Dock window to the front (call ACTIVATE to activate it)

TOBACK send X-Dock window behind others

DELETE_XDOCK delete the corresponding X-Dock

REMOVE_ALL remove all buttons

OPEN n open X-Dock n (if not opened)

NEW creates a new empty X-Dock

RINGHIO_ON turns ON the Ringhio notifications

RINGHIO_OFF turns OFF the Ringhio notifications

MOVE a b move button at position a to position b

ADD [index_num program_name] icon_name program_label start_mode icon_selected_name"

Add a program at specified index. index_num and program_name are both required.


Add MultiEdit at the fifth position with .info as button picture in WB start mode and a dummy selected icon (not needed in .info mode):

ADD "5 OS4_FE:Utilities/MultiEdit/MultiEdit.INFO MultiEdit WB DUMMY"

Add a Separator at fourth position:

ADD "4 Separator" 

Remove the specified index button:

'''REMOVE''' "index_num"

The following example with remove the second element of the dock:


See X-Dock.rx for a ARexx sample.

XDock ARexx port can too be addressed by using the CLI:

	rx 'ADDRESS XDock ADD 4 Separator'
	rx 'ADDRESS XDock save'
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