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Updater Icon.png Updater is a tool for checking version and downloading system components and AMIStore software purchases. It is part of the Enhancer Software package for AmigaOS.

The main features of Updater are:

  • search system files
  • view latest available system file version from AmiSphere database server
  • download files to local hard drive and update
  • view change logs
  • update purchased AMIStore software packages

Downloading AMIStore Software

This guide will detail the steps to download available AMIStore software from Updater as an alternative to downloading from the AMIStore client directly.

1. Start the Updater tool and enter your AmiSphere username and password. Click the OK button to proceed.

AmiSphere Login.jpg

2. Click on the My Purchases tab and the list of purchases associated with the AmiSphere account will be shown. These will match the purchases that was made on AMIStore with this account.

Updater MyPurchases.jpg

3. The Local column in the list shows the last version downloaded and the Remote column in the list shows the latest version. If they are the same, then no update is available. If the Remote version is a newer version, then check the box next to the software purchase and the Download button will highlight.

Updater MyPurchases Download.jpg

4. Click the Download button to start the download. A confirmation window will open showing both the software title and version number. Clicking the OK button will initiate the downloading process to your default download directory.

Updater Download Confirmation.jpg

5. A window will show the progress of the download as the data downloads. If you have selected Notifications mode in the Settings window, a notifications bubble will alternatively appear with the progress bar incrementing as it downloads.

Updater Download Notification.jpg

6. Once successfully downloaded, a window will open showing the completed software download.

Registering Software

Updater will also accept licence serial keys to be entered from selected boxed software.

Once the serial key has been validated, it will be added to the AmiSphere account currently logged in. This software will be viewable under the My Purchases section and any applicable version updates will be made available through Updater.

1. To add software on the AmiSphere account, first start Updater tool and login to your account by entering your AmiSphere username and password. Click the OK button to proceed.

AmiSphere Login.jpg

2. Go to the Project menu and select the Register Key option

Updater register key.png

3. Enter the serial key carefully as it appears on the back of the software box. It is case sensitive. Click the Register button once fully entered to complete the registration process.

4. Once the key has been accepted by the AmiSphere server, the software title will appear under the My Purchases list in both Updater and the AMIStore client.

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