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[[File:TuneNet_About.jpg|thumb|250px|TuneNet About Window]]
[[File:TuneNet_About.png|thumb|250px|TuneNet About Window]]
[[File:TuneNet.png|thumb|250px|TuneNet Application Window]]
[[File:TuneNet.png|thumb|250px|TuneNet Application Window]]
[[File:TuneNet_SkinFX.png|thumb|250px|TuneNet SkinFX]]
[[File:TuneNet_SkinFX.png|thumb|250px|TuneNet SkinFX]]
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== Version Information ==
== Version Information ==
Current version is 2.9 released in the [[Enhancer Software]] package for OS4.
Current version is 2.10 released in the [[Enhancer Software]] package for OS4.
== Installation Files ==
== Installation Files ==

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TuneNet About Window
TuneNet Application Window
TuneNet SkinFX
TuneNet Internet Radio Tab
TuneNet Tune Tab


TuneNet Icon.png TuneNet is a multi format music player and Internet radio streamer. It is part of the Enhancer Software package for AmigaOS.

TuneNet is a modular player which supports a range of music formats through plugins. Recording and Shout/Ice-cast broadcasting is also provided. A system GUI is provided along with a customisable minuture dock (widget/gadget) facility and XML driven skinnable interface.

The main features of TuneNet are:

  • Plays MP3's and MP3 Shoutcast streams
  • Integrates with IBrowse and AWeb.
  • Playlist
  • Built in internet stream searching facility
  • Drag and drop with recursive loading
  • Sound level display
  • Station and current tune display
  • Reaction GUI
  • Plugin support (players)
  • HD save for streams
  • IDV3.2 tag support
  • Docky skinnable interface
  • Search, sorting and editing facilities
  • Different playing facilities (XFade, gapless play etc..)
  • Sub-song support
  • On the fly resampling / multi-mixing
  • Encoder support and Shoutcast compatible broadcasting
  • Extended M3U playlist support and station saving within playlists
  • Arexx port and support for a wide range of Arexx commands
  • Localisation language support

Version Information

Current version is 2.10 released in the Enhancer Software package for OS4.

Installation Files

TuneNet Drawer Icon.png TuneNet is installed in the Utilities drawer
Mpega Library Icon.png mpega.library is a library which is installed in the Libs drawer

TuneNet requires the ProgressBar Gadget Class and TickBox Gadget Class to be installed in Classes/Gadgets drawer.

TuneNet also uses the InfoWindow Class if installed in Classes drawer.

CLI Command Options

In the Shell, type the following and press Enter key to display a list of CLI options:

TuneNet ?

TuneNet accepts the following list of CLI options:



















Requests TuneNet to play from a playlist (.m3u) file.

Forces TuneNet to cache the PLS file it receives from the browser.

TuneNet will attempt to pick up an MP3 stream at the given http: address

Preload the Tune to ram before playing (not always supported by the plugin)

Verbose output (Useful in shell mode)

Change the main task priority.

Overrides preferences and disables the main GUI!

Overrides preferences and disables the docky display.

Runs in the background (No GUI or Docky in this mode)*.

Stop the current tune

Restart the current tune

Pause toggle

Add tune without playing

Next tune in playlist

Previous tune in playlist

Next track (sub-song)

Previous track (sub-song)

Kill TuneNet Processes


The following are some examples of some of the CLI options that can be used:

TuneNet mymusic.mp3

TuneNet listen.pls

TuneNet -stream http://somemusicstream:8080

TuneNet -nogui mymusic.mp3

TuneNet -playlist mylist.m3u

TuneNet -nodock -nogui somemoremusic.mod

Arexx Support

Since version 2, TuneNet has an Arexx port where it can accept Arexx commands from scripts and other applications.

Arexx Commands

The following Arexx commands are supported, please click command for details on it's format and usage.





























Arexx Examples

For example, if you wish to control TuneNet from the CLI using the Arexx scripting language, you can enter the command lines detailed below.

The following command will instruct TuneNet to play the currently loaded song:

rx 'address TUNENET.1 PLAY'

To instruct TuneNet to adjust the volume to 60 percent use the following:

rx 'address TUNENET.1 VOLUME 60'

To close TuneNet down then use the following command:

rx 'address TUNENET.1 QUIT'