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(Installation Files)
(Installation Files)
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TuneNet also uses the [[InfoWindow_Class]] if installed in '''Classes''' drawer.
TuneNet also uses the [[InfoWindow Class]] if installed in '''Classes''' drawer.

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TuneNet About Window
TuneNet Application Window
TuneNet Icon.png TuneNet is a music media player for AmigaOS 4. It is part of the Enhancer Software package for AmigaOS.

The main features of TuneNet are:

  • plays wide range of digital music formats including internet radio support
  • features plugin system for adding support for extra music formats
  • Supports "skins" for change the theme of the user interface

Installation Files

TuneNet Drawer Icon.png TuneNet is installed in the Utilities drawer
Mpega Library Icon.png mpega.library is a library which is installed in the Libs drawer

TuneNet also uses the InfoWindow Class if installed in Classes drawer.

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