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SystemReboot Hard Reset Window
SystemReboot Reboot Imminent


SystemReboot Icon.png SystemReboot is a command that is used to restart the operating system either by using hard reset or soft reset methods.

It can be used either from the CLI as a regular text command or alternatively from the Workbench screen in GUI mode




SystemReboot - Reboot the system after a delay. A requester can be displayed allowing the user to cancel before the timeout


SystemReboot [TIMEOUT <n>] [SOFT] [CRITICAL <n>] [GUI]





SOFT/S Attempt a soft reset if set, other wise a full system reset wil be performed

TIMEOUT/K/N Wait for this number of seconds before rebooting

CRITICAL/K/N Set the time when applications are sent the quit message and the progress bar turns red to indicate the user has only a short time to abort the reboot.

GUI/S Open the GUI. When launched from the shell by default the countdown will be printed to the console, and can be interupted with a CTRL-C. Adding the GUI swich, will force the opening of the requester window instead. When started from Workbench the requester window always opens and this option is ignored.