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[[File:Notifications_About.png|thumb|250px|Notifications About Window]]
[[File:Notifications_Preferences_AppList.png|thumb|250px|Notifications Application List Window]]
[[File:Notifications_Preferences.png|thumb|250px|Notifications Preferences Window]]
[[File:Notifications_Preferences_Server.png|thumb|250px|Notifications Server Window]]
== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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Notifications About Window
Notifications Application List Window
Notifications Preferences Window
Notifications Server Window


Ringhio is a notification system for the Amiga Workbench. Notification messages pop up on the Workbench screen generated from any application that uses it.

Installation Files

NotificationServer Icon.png NotificationServer is installed in the System drawer and runs from the WBStartUp
Notifications Icon.png Notifications is a Preference program which is installed in the Prefs drawer

The image data is installed in the Prefs/Presets/Notification drawer

Revisions and Updates

The latest version of the NotificationServer is 53.47 (22.03.2016).

All public updates are available to download for registered users who have the Enhancer Software installed.

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