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MultiViewer is an advanced document and media viewing tool for Workbench 3.9 or later.

It reads a wide range of files through the Datatype descriptor files active in the Devs:Datatypes directory.

MultiViewer can be invoked through the Shell command line, by double-clicking it's icon on the Workbench Screen or by using the Arexx scripting language.


Main Toolbar Icons
Icon Description Action Result
Multiviewer toolbar 1.png Select files to view Opens a file requester File selected by user is opened. If successfully opened, filename is added to the File List and displayed on currently selected tab.
Multiviewer toolbar 2.png Save the currently displayed document to a new file
Multiviewer toolbar 3.png Print the currently displayed document
Multiviewer toolbar 4.png Display some additional information about this document
Multiviewer toolbar 5.png Start a slide show of the currently loaded documents
Multiviewer toolbar 6.png Display the previous document
Multiviewer toolbar 7.png Display the next document
Multiviewer toolbar 8.png Begin mark mode for selecting a subsection of the currently displayed document
Multiviewer toolbar 9.png Copy the current document or selected section to the clipboard.
Multiviewer toolbar 10.png Paste the contents of the clipboard into the viewer
Multiviewer toolbar 11.png Clear the current selection
Multiviewer toolbar 12.png Open this document in the configured editor
Multiviewer toolbar 13.png Start a search in the current document
Multiviewer toolbar 14.png Find the next occurrence of the search term in this document
Multiviewer toolbar 15.png Find the previous occurrence of the search term in this document
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