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Enhancer Software Icon.png The Enhancer Software is a collection of utilities, commodities, classes, datatypes and libraries with the aim of enhancing the AmigaOS experience.

It is distibuted both as a digital download from AMIStore App Store and as a boxed CD.

Enhancer software box.png


Version 1.4 released on 9th September 2018 for OS4 platform.

It was succeeded by Version 1.5 of the Enhancer Software when released on 30th June 2019.


These components which are installed across the system as follows:



Classes and Gadgets:

  • DateSheet Gadget Class
  • ListViewer Gadget Class
  • MediaDeck Gadget Class
  • OptionButton Gadget Class
  • PieChart Gadget Class
  • Shared Image Class
  • Select Gadget Class
  • Sliderbar Gadget Class
  • Time Gadget Class


  • Info Datatype
  • MPEGA Datatype
  • MOD Datatype
  • SimpleHTML Datatype
  • WAV Datatype


  • A1222eth.device
  • p50x0_eth.device
  • usbadm8511.device


  • Diskcache Library



  • Codesets Library
  • EXIF Library
  • Expat Library
  • FileSysBox Library
  • Geocode Library
  • Zip Library
  • Z Library


  • AmiSpherePrefs


  • DateSheetGadget
  • DockLib
  • EXIF
  • Expat
  • FileSysBox
  • Geocode
  • OptionButton Gadget Class
  • PieChart Gadget Class
  • Progressbar Gadget Class
  • Shared Image Class
  • Translations


  • AmiSphereServer


  • AmiDVD
  • AmiPDF
  • PartitionWizard

Enhancer Software Installation Files.png


Please read these important notes before installing the Enhancer Software on your hard disk drive.

To install the Enhancer Software to your system, please double click the Install_Enhancer_Software icon as shown below:

Enhancer Software Installation.png

The End-User Licence Agreement will be displayed which needs to be reviewed. If you agree to the terms, then click the Agree button to continue to the main Installation of the software.

Enhancer Software EULA Window.png

The Installation will then ask you if you wish to backup any files that could be overwritten by the Enhancer Software Installation process. It is recommended that you select Yes. If you do this, once you press Proceed button, you will then be asked the location to store on your hard disk where the files will be backed up to.

There are two icon drawer sets available to install for selected Utilities and Commodities. The standard blue icon set mimics the default look of OS4.1 drawers. Alternatively the black icon set introduces the new icon style that the Enhancer Software uses. The installation process will prompt you to choose the icon set you want to use.

The components of the Enhancer Software sections are installed in this order:

1. Datatypes:

   Info Datatype
   LogFile Datatype
   MPEGA Datatype 
   MOD Datatype
   SimpleHTML Datatype
   Sound Datatype
   WAV Datatype

2. Gadgets and Classes:

   Anim Gadget Class
   Clock Gadget Class
   DateSheet Gadget Class 
   InfoWindow Class
   ListViewer Gadget Class 
   MediaDeck Gadget Class 
   OptionButton Gadget Class
   PieChart Gadget Class 
   ProgressBar Gadget Class
   Select Gadget Class 
   SliderBar Gadget Class
   Shared Image Class
   Thumblist Gadget Class    
   TickBox Gadget Class
   Time Gadget

3. System:


4. Utilities:

   CANDI and CANDI Preferences ¹  
   MultiEdit ¹
   MultiViewer ¹

5. Commodities:

   ClipViewer ¹
   Exchanger ¹ 

6. Libraries

   OpenGL ES 2.0
   Warp3D Nova

7. Kickstart:

   Diskcache Library
   RadeonHD v2
   SmartFileSystem 2    

8. CLI Commands and Tools:


9. Preferences

   Notifications Preferences
   Sound Preferences
   Time Preferences


   A1222 Ethernet Driver
   HDAudio Sound Driver
   PTP USB Driver    
   USBADM8511 Ethernet Driver
   X5000 Ethernet Driver

¹ Some components from the Enhancer Software will install the image data they require for their User Interface in the Prefs/Presets drawer of your system partition. it is recommended not to change this, however, some more experienced users may want to install this data in an alternative location on their hard disks. If this is the case, you can change the default location from Presets to another bespoke location on your hard disk drive.

Gadgets Icon.png
Gadgets and Classes

The majority of content in the Enhancer Software requires the gadgets and classes that are supplied and will not operate correctly without these being installed.

Documentation Icon.png

By default, all documentation for the components of the Enhancer Software are stored in the Documentation drawer of your system partition. There are options to install the documentation to an alternative location of your choice.

SDK Icon.png
Software Development Kit (SDK)

If you are a developer and have the SDK installed on your system, then any components with SDK files available can be optionally installed.

Catalogs Icon.png
Catalog Language Files

A lot of the Enhancer Software components have support for various languages. These Catalog files can be optionally installed wherever available.

For both the SDK and Catalog language files, there is an option to skip the prompt and let the installer automatically remember your choices. The first time the SDK or Catalog Language files prompt appears, a requester window will ask if you wish to apply the installation choice to every supported component in the Enhancer Software. Click the Apply To All button to do this. Alternatively if you wish to continue to receive prompts, then click the Always Prompt button.


At the end of the installation, a message will report how many installed components need a "soft" or "hard" reboot of your system. The installed components that require a "soft" reboot either start from the WBStartUp or require an assign in your system's s/user-startup file. The components that require a "hard" reboot may need adding to the system's Kickstart/Kicklayout file and are activated during the initialisation of the Kickstart.

Register and download updates

In between Enhancer Software releases, individual updated files are available to download through the Updater tool. In order to access these files, users will need to open an AmiSphere account and register the Enhancer Software product key code against this AmiSphere account.

AmiSphere account registration

Enhancer Software product registration


An official discussion and support forum is available for end users. Please refer to the following link:

https://forum.amiga.org/enhancersoftware wik