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The Copy command copies specified file(s) or directories from one location to another.



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The Copy command file is installed in the SYS:C/ directory by default.



  Latest versions are 46.6 and 54.6

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Use the Updater utility to upgrade to and install the latest available version.


Command Line Usage




Usage of options up to and including NOREQ is the same as with previous versions of Copy.

V46 / V54 only::

NOREP: Doesn't overwrite existing files.

INTER / ASKREP: Prompts user for confirmation to overwrite existing files.

FORCE: Overwrites existing files even if they are protected.

NEWER: Overwrites existing files only with ones that have more recent dates.

ARCHIVE: Copies only files that don't have the archive protection bit set, and sets the archive bit to the files in source that have been copied.

COPYLINKS: Also copies soft and hard links. This means that it replicates the soft or hard link. If it fails to replicate a hard link it then tries to replicate it as a soft link.

SPEED: Displays time and transfer rate information for the copy operation.

This is not an accurate indicator of the speed of the media used.
It is also affected by CPU and interface speed as well as copy buffer size.

STATS: Displays statistics such as number of files that have been copied,

have failed to be copied, or that were intentionally skipped.

Can be made resident: Yes




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