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Amiga Stores


This is a list of recommended Amiga Stores which sell digital and boxed versions of Amiga software. As official Amiga resellers, they will additionally provide customers with the serial key file of the respective software. This can be used to register and download the software from Updater and AMIStore App Store.


Amiga Kit

Amiga Kit was formed in 2004 and is the largest Amiga Store worldwide. With it's extensive customer base, it is well known by the international Amiga community.

Apart from being an Amiga shop and specialist, Amiga Kit also manufactures new Amiga hardware and software. It is a main distributor of new Amiga products to it's reseller network. It's company mission is to expand the Amiga user base by producing quality hardware and software and making it readily available at low prices.

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Amiga Store

Amiga Store prides itself on stocking a wide range of Amiga boxed software, adapters, expansions, peripherals and upgrades. They offer worldwide shipping and have friendly staff.

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Amiga Deals

Amiga Deals sell many refurbished items not found at other Amiga shops, some of them difficult to obtain. They also stock new boxed Amiga software.

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