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The Version command analyses and reports the version/revision number of a specified file or device.



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The Version command file is installed in the SYS:C/ directory by default.



  Latest versions are 46.10 and 54.10

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Use the Updater utility to upgrade to and install the latest available version.


Command Line Usage




Can be made resident: Yes


Options NAME, VERSION, REVISION, FILES and FULL work in the same way as with previous versions.

Options UNIT, INTERNAL and RES are deprecated and are only present for backward compatibility reasons.

V46 / V54 only::

NONAME: hides the object's name from any version information shown.

NOVEREXTRA: hides any text that exists between the version number and the date.

ORIGIN: Shows where the OS found the named object. This option can't be used with the FILE option. The output of this option is one of the following:

  • resident module
  • dos resident
  • loaded library
  • loaded device
  • filesystem
  • handler
  • LIBS:
  • DEVS:

VSTRING: Shows the version string exactly as it appears within the given object without any processing.

CHECKSUM <CRC32>: Calculates and displays the checksum of a file. Also requires the FILE option to be given. Only CRC32 has been implemented so far. It is mainly intended to distinguish between files that don't contain any version information.

SKIPVER: When only the checksum is required, using this option will speed up the calculation of the checksum as no time will be spent on trying to find version information.


Example Usage

Here are some examples of using the Version command in the Shell(CLI):


Example 1:

1> Version
Kickstart V54.1, Workbench V54.1


Example 2:

1> Version FILE C:Version FULL
Version 54.10 (15/05/2021)
Copyright (C) 2021 AmigaKit Ltd.


Example 3:

1> Version DH0:
SmartFilesystem 1.293 (19/11/2015)


Example 4:

1> Version DEVS:
SmartFilesystem 1.293 (19/11/2015)


Example 5:

1> Version FILE SYS:System/Format CHECKSUM CRC32
Format 54.12

File checksum (CRC32): F82AAF91



  Copyright (C) 2021 AmigaKit Ltd. Distributed with the Enhancer Software under licence.