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TimeGuard is a commodity included in the Enhancer Software

It is required to automatically update the clock if you selected to:

  • get the time from an NTP server at boot time and/or repeatedly
  • automatically update the clock for daylight saving time

If you don't run TimeGuard, the clock will not be updated automatically.


Normally TimeGuard should be started by WBStartup, but it can as well be run from S:User-Startup or S:Network-Startup, whatever is preferred.

During the Enhancer Software installation process, an option is presented to automatically add TimeGuard to the WBStartUp so it runs on every system restart.


TimeGuard reads its settings from two environment variables which are set by the Time Preferences program. It also uses these variables to keep track of the current state.


This variable contains the daylight saving time settings such as:

  • the begin and end of DST
  • whether DST is currently active
  • the amount of seconds the clock should be advanced during DST


This variable contains the network time settings such as:

  • NTP server name and port number
  • when and how often the clock should be updated
  • when the last update succeeded