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Enhancer Software Icon.png The Enhancer Software Core is a free of charge collection of classes, datatypes and libraries with the aim of enhancing the Amiga system software experience. It can be installed by users who wish to run applications requiring components from the Enhancer Software Core package. It can be used by software developers who want to use the Enhancer Software Core components to add advanced features to their applications.

It is distributed as a digital download from the AmiSphere website and Updater tool.

Enhancer software core 2 screenshot.jpg


There are two editions of the Enhancer Software:

  • Core Edition: this is a free of charge release featuring only the gadget classes, AmiSphereServer, Updater tool and SDK for developers.
  • Release 2: this is the full commercial edition featuring all files detailed below.


The following releases of the Enhancer Software Core have been made:


Version 2.0 released on 24th December 2022 for OS4 platform.


Enhancer Software Core 1.1 released on 24th October 2020 for OS4 platform.

Register and download updates

In between Enhancer Software Core releases, individual updated files are available to download through the Updater tool. In order to access these updated files, new users will need to open an AmiSphere user account. Once you have your personal Amisphere user login details, register for the Enhancer Software Core download on the Amisphere website.

AmiSphere account registration

Enhancer Software Core registration


An official discussion and support forum is available for end users. Please refer to the following link: